'dkms: Command not found' on Manjaro liveUsb

Hey all, new on these forums, although I have used Majaro extensively before.

Situation: i recently bought a desktop PC and I had to buy a WiFi dongle to allow it to connect to the interwebs. Something very straight forward on Windows, not so much on Manjaro.

After looking around, I believe I found the pertinent driver to install, BUT, such driver can apparently only be installed by DKMS. But apparently, dkms does not exist!


Now, Im only using a Manjaro live USB to determine whether this particular OS is gonna be working for me in the long run. SO I hope the fact that it is a liveUSB is not important.

Hope anybody can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

Yes it is very important.

DKMS is a tool to automatically compile Kernel modules for all installed Linux Kernels.

You can install packages on a live System, such as dkms, but to compile Modules for your running Kernel, you also need to install the exactly matching Linux Headers package. This is usually impossible, since Manjaro is a rolling distribution.

In short, you can't use dkms to install extra Linux modules on a Manjaro Live system.

Install Manjaro or if you need internet in your live session use a Ethernet cable or use your smartphone with usb tethering.


Thank you so much for replying so fast! I'll try again after installing the distro, and will confirm your reasoning if the situation changes after installing.

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