dkms install removed module on kernel updates

I have installed the following driver while ago:

then I decided to remove it, so I used the following command:

sudo dkms remove -m razercontrol/1.0.4 --all

And as expected the driver has removed.

but in every kernel update using pacman, the driver installed again and I removed it again.

Does someone know what may cause this behavior?

Sounds like the DKMS stuff is still installed, because the command you run, only removes the driver. So you should also remove the dkms bits you installed.

Thank you for the help,
Can you give me a little bit more details on what should I do?
I ran the same command as written in the README file in the link I gave:

sudo make driver_dkms
sudo dkms add -m razercontrol -v 1.0.3
sudo dkms build -m razercontrol -v 1.0.3

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