Dmenu sh script different color from default Manjaro i3 theme

I found this dmenu script from:

which allows you to search with dmenu using your chosen search engine and browser.
It works well but is there a way to make the color match the default Manjaro i3 theme?

Specifically, the default Manjaro i3 dmenu theme has this greenish color like this:

Meanwhile, the dmenu web search using the website above looks like this:


The keybinding for this default Dmenu run is:

bindsym $mod+d exec --no-startup-id dmenu_recency

For the dmenu script that I found from the website above, I save it as an .sh file and the keyboard shortcut literally runs that sh file.

bindsym $mod+w exec --no-startup-id ~/.i3/

The TL, DR is how do I get them to be the same color? Digging through the ~/.config folder, I found a folder for dmenu-recent, but it only includes list of background and terminal applications.

You can pass the default colors of dmenu-manjaro - which can be found in the ~/.dmenurc file - as arguments, changing your script like this:


QUERY=$(echo '' | dmenu -p "Search:" -fn "-xos4-terminus-medium-r-*-*-14-*" -b -nb "#222D31" -nf "#F9FAF9" -sf "#F9FAF9" -sb "#16A085")
if [ -n "$QUERY" ]; then
  xdg-open "${URL}${QUERY}" 2> /dev/null
  exec i3-msg [class="^Firefox$"] focus

For the meaning of these options run man dmenu in a terminal window.


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