Does anyone actually use snaps?

may be interested in IoT devices , or solus-ike ( steam )

i see that Arch is also using Snap , do they want in snap have a repos & stable version ?
or use for tests comparisons ?

I used two for a while until I had the time to sit down and learn how to build from github or I found it on AUR.
Thing is, there's some pretty ugly overhead using snaps and they are kind of slow. Really slow on my Craptop.
However, I don't see them as the DOOM of linux. :smiley: But what do I know? :woman_shrugging:

Arch didn't want to go to the #snapcraftsummit, even when they were invited. I assume a low interest. As we aim for gaming and desktop we add the needed technologies to our distro and enable them by default. More about all this later in Summer.


When I install Manjaro via Architect, is snapd being installed?

I just did, and i'm a man of my words, big or small. :slight_smile: Might be the case that not always i know what i want, but for sure i know what i don't want. While all this Snap and Flatpak thing can be saluted as a cool optional addition to a system, is not something that resonates with me and my needs.

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We didn't implement snaps into Architect yet. However, we might plan it. For now we focus on the install medias with UI installer. snaps will be a default feature of 18.1 series.


Please, make it a seperated option and not a default one in Architect.


It is only default when you install via calamares. Currently enabled in our RCs of XFCE, KDE and Gnome.

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I just checked with #canonical. At least 1500 Manjaro users are using snaps on a regular basis. On the #snapcraftsummit we managed to get snaps more improved than ever, which we will showcase thru our next stable release.

Also #canonical updated their store to be more integrated into Manjaro. Additional we might even provide our own base snap in near future. We see #canonical as a great technology partner and are very happy to be able to work with some of their developers in direct contact.

More info about snaps in general here:


I only used it a year ago when I was kinda afraid of AUR packages. Still, AUR packages may pose a security threat, but sometimes we have no choice what source to use. The moment when AppImages and snaps will cover more then 50% of my AUR-originated packages, will be the moment when I begin using snaps again, removing AUR packages unless necessary.

As for the fears about snaps, well, I think Manjaro will never literally ship snap apps by default. Just a snapd to enable support OOB and letting users decide if they want to install some snaps or not. I think it is fair and wise, and there's nothing to worry about.

Also I have recently tested these new features like snapd and apparmor and I can say that these things have almost zero impact on boot times on modern PCs. If you are not lucky enough to have SSD, well, time to go and buy one - they are cheaper than ever these days.

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I don't use them or flatpak on any Arch or Manjaro install. AUR is there for a reason.
When I ran opensuse I used flatpak to install Spotify.
That's it.

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Snapd is not in the Arch repos, only in the AUR.

Flatpak is in the Arch repos.

That should speak volumes.

So Canonical is tracking Manjaro users' snap usage.

Nice to know.

All Manjaro users should remove snapd immediately post install.



Tracking per app basis is needed by developers and companies to get the market share correctly displayed. Without that information the interest to publish applications to Linux might be lower for proprietary software like spotify.

It is hard to publish software in general thru out all given Linux distributions. snap is a great way to get there. Also the whole process is handled fully openly by #canonical.

Just visit the snapcraft forum to learn more.

BTW. Valve is tracking us too...


This. Did anyone fearing snaps bother himself with checking snapd source code I wonder? Maybe that could help in understanding risks.

I have not, will not and never will use snaps/flatpaks or any other form of package container of this nature.

It’ll be the first thing to remove and add to pacman ignore list on fresh installs.

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Snaps and the like aren't something that I am personally a fan of and as such do not use. However it seems a bit late to be getting upset over this seeing as Manjaro already ships with flatpak installed. Unless you trust RedHat more than Canonical?

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Status here since yonks:

$ pacman -Qi snapd
error: package 'snapd' was not found

Not something I've ever used, or ever plan on using. That said, many Ubuntu converts of course would be happy to have this option.

You will see a huge majority of the forum regulars dead set against this because it is not something a rolling distro needs. Not my cup of tea, but I see the logic of the Manjaro developers for wanting to introduce this. This certainly won't be on my machine any time soon, but I'm sure this will make the users from Buntuland happy.


Never used snaps oder flatpaks till now cause there was no need to. I have very few apps installed, most things i use run in the browser nowadays.

I agree, which could be an argument to use them instead of AUR. Of course, if you doubt the security of an application, then you should at most run it in a VM.

Another argument is to ease for commercial applications to reach the users.

The last argument I think of, which is only true for AppImages: allows the use of applications without installing all dependencies. E.g., use an GTK2 application without GTK2 installed.

The last argument is the only one that has applied to me, and why I think AppImages are superior. I am not sure whether Snaps or Flatpak takes second place.

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