Does every de have different option in manjaro settings?

I've been using manjaro-deepin for month and i love it...
Been switching from manjaro kde because of tired of baloo indexer always getting failed to read my music files on my hard disk (since i'm dual booting from usb flashdrive and hard disk is listed as an external drive... So i need to manually adding them from exception list and my settings get cleared every restart... So i'm done)
Now to the main questions...
Does manjaro settings is differ for every de? Last time i used kde it has many options..
But when i use deepin manjaro it only show 7 options (i know deepin has It's own settings majager... But i think many feature from manjaro settings is missing from deepin control center)
Thanks in advance :grin:

AFAIK the Manjaro Settings Manager provides the same settings across all DEs, which are distinct from the DE settings. And yes, DE settings can vary wildly from one to another.

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Yeah... But on deepin-manjaro it only provide less option than other de... It kinda bothering me since i love manjaro settings app...
Beautiful de nonetheless...

FYI manjaro deepin may not be maintained much longer because deepin is becoming more problematic to maintain as a desktop for third parties outside of it's own distribution.

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Good point... But i really loved manjaro since i start using it... For me kde was the best de because of it's beauty... But the file indexer (baloo was dying :sob: ) keeping me from using it for long period of time... I heard a lot of post talking about closure of deepin-manjaro... But it the only de that don't sucks on indexing my file on hard drive...

Maybe that's why deepin-manjaro doesn't have the same manjaro settings option like other de provided by official builds... It will conflict each other if having different settings manager...
Ah damn :sob: i love deepin file indexer

The fix for that is monumentally easier than installing and setting up a broken DE like Deepin.


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If I'm not wrong, the KDE flavor has Manjaro settings built-in KDE settings.

Any suggestion? is there any better indexer management (baloo for example)
If yes how to do that?

Cmiiw but all de have the same option on manjaro settings

I guess i need to do little bit of search about indexer management alternative... If theres none... See ya on the next thread guys... Thank you for your kind reply :grinning:

KILL baloo (service) with fire and don't enable it again. Or...
KILL only baloo's indexing.Or...
WAIT until indexing is complete...reboot a few times to let it run and re-start indexing.

Those steps are major-to-minor.

I don't use any particular search indexing at all. I know what and where everything is and don't want the 'help' locating anything. I realize I'm not everyone.

How to do so? That's your assignment, to search the forums until you find the answer.

The answer is out there. :slight_smile:


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But man... I love how elisa's look... Guess i'll stop using elisa and baloo... Thanks for the reply :grinning:

You didn't say anything about Elisa. Fock it, I'm lazy and use VLC for everything. :smiley: :smiley:

Baloo isn't bad per se. It just needs a chance to settle down. KDE's framework is so massive and it stores so many config files and itself in/out of memory I'm surprised it can boot at all. I mean, you can feel the weight of it (in comparison). Yet it's 'light as a butterfly' on this 5 year old Intel/Intel lappy. :smiley:


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Looks like i've been mixing things up m8... Sorry hehe... (i got thread discussing about baloo)
After installing kde once again... I understood that i've been wrong... The manjaro settings are the same accross de... Case closed
Thank you so much for your reply...
Regards :smile:

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