Does Gnome and KDE Handle CUPS differently? I can get my printer working in Gnome but can't on KDE

Hey guys, Kinda noob reporting in. After having a fun time with Manjaro Gnome I decided to try out KDE again. Installation went fine and I configured it to be exactly how I wanted. The only problem I am facing is that my printer(brother HL-1210w) refuses to work via CUPS as a network printer.
On Localhost:631(and the printer application) I am able to add the printer(using the HL-1230 drivers which were the recommended drivers on but I can't actually get it to print anything. On Gnome, however, using the HL-1230 drivers allowed me to print without any problems.
What could possibly be the problem? To confuse matters even more, printing via USB works with the HL-1230 drivers. If anyone can help with this problem please comment below. Thanks.

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