Dolphin: Double clicking *.desktop file doesn't run it anymore

Some time ago I was able to run a *.desktop file by double clicking it in dolphin. Right now if I do this it only opens it's definition in Kate.

This might have started with this update [Stable Update] 2019-02-09 - Kernels, Deepin, Firefox, Wine, Python, Haskell but I'm unsure, since I don't use this feature very often.

Or is it some configuration problem I inadvertently caused myself?

my system details: Dump your "inxi -Fxxxza --no-host" here and bookmark it

If the file ~/.config/kiorc is present in your system and you see the following lines in it

[Executable scripts]

you can

  • delete these two lines from the file
    (this will result in a prompt dialog window every time you click on a .desktop file, which will ask you if you want to open or to execute the file)

  • change the lines to

    [Executable scripts]

(this will execute the .desktop file without any prompt)


thanks! Brilliant! it was on =dontAsk for me. I put a # in front of both lines and now it's asking again the way I like. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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