Dolphin shortcut Ctrl+T are same on Main and Alternate

Dolphin pops up an error for a shortcut that is used in two places (New Tab).
I checked them in Dolphin settings and I found that there is the same default shortcut for both Main and Alternate shortcut on New Tab.
It was a little tricky to disable one of them, though I made it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .
Has this been observed on any other user (Testing or other)?

plasma-desktop/kwin 5.13.4-1
dolphin 18.08.0-1
frameworkintegration/kwindowsystem 5.49.0-1

Mine was set to Ctrl+T and Ctrl+Shift+N.
(Which according to dolphin are the defaults)
I tried to see if I could reproduce for you ... but dolphin forbade me assigning another Ctrl+T and only offered to save 'None' instead.

Similar for me for changing the Alternate, but I chose to override the other, so the main turned to None. I did it again for the Main and then I could have Alternate to None.
The point is

How did this happen? Two same shortcuts, on Main and Alternate..

I was laughing on another user's idea of having ghosts in the PC.. :ghost:

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