Dolphin Sucks

Just a bit of a personal Rant here... Dolphin won't do tabs on both sides of a split pane.

Scenario - I go to a folder, maybe Downloads... then I want to move some files around.

With Nemo (and I think Nautilus was the same) I could switch dual pane, then on the right pane I could go to T3/music and then open another tab for T4/Movies.
Then I could drag files from Downloads to the other pane and drop them in the tab...

With Nemo, you can open the new pane, but if you want T3 AND T4 over there, you can't... so you have to simply use Tabs on this side instead.

Kind of incomplete dual pane experience...

With Nemo, I could open Home AND Downloads in the left pane, then T3 AND T4 on the right.


That's a very specific use case though.

I think in Dolphin it's more like you can have panes within tabs.

So if you have like Tab1 and Tab2.
Then inside Tab1 you have Pane1 and Pane2, while in Tab2 you just have Pane1.

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Yes, I'm curious why they did that - sometimes it rubs me the wrong way so I end up tearing off tabs and just tiling the windows instead. It's good if you want to keep your Downloads|Music tab, then another home| T3 movies tab - separate dual pane tabs, but I'd rather have Home (source folders) tabbed on the left, then (mnt folders) on the right for moving in/out of home.

It does work, but it's slightly clumbsy - I guess adjustment is required.

It makes sense to me. So I guess it's each to his own. :slight_smile:

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Everyone can write, what she/he wants...


Another example would be the timeshift and back-in-time backups - if you don't want to do a full restore, but selectively copy things back...

I would like to have LEFT SIDE /home/ben | RIGHT - timeshift/back-in-time tabs.

PCmanFM does this (but no ALT arrow navigation)
Nemo does this
Dolphin is just a little... odd. :dizzy_face:

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It is only a technicality but I think you will find Dolphins "blow" :rofl:



A while ago i install KDE3.5 trinity desktop I was amazed I just fell back in love with old friends, Then reality set in on how plasma and KDE v5 just sucks verses 3.5 everything that can be done on KDE5 can be done easier on 3.5 even theming is so simple so you can just make a modern theme in mins no coding req.
But i just made the mistake of booting my customised Gnome and totally forgot KDE

I loved TDE, but cannot get it to install again after a reinstall of manjaro (from memory - dcop errors), been a couple of months since the last time, so time to try again :smiley:

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Yes it needs some extra deps to install I did it group by group then had to use debtap for the outdated packages their were 3 i think. But really is a wonderful desktop even after 12 year a joy to use unfortunately I overwrote it by mistake.

Interesting, where did you find the debs? Installed the binary packages, so going for a reboot.

They are just Debian packages "I had to search a long time to find the answers" a few years old as the Arch eq are named different and incompatible.
Their is a screenshot or 2 on Manjaro.

Still got the dcop problem, will look at it later, but thanks.

@mandog - the problem is libice and xproto, downgrade libice to 1.0.9-2 requires the xproto package as a dependency.

xproto was dumped in favour of xorgproto. If I force the installation of xproto, TDE works (with a strange error about sound).

It does not seem to have any detrimental effects (posting from Plasma), so will play later :smiley:

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