[Done] Can't boot after updating kernel

I updated my kernel to the latest one and now I get this..

On boot use grub , try the last kernel before this "latest" one.

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How would I do that?


Since we don't know anything about your computer, look for "how do I get into my grub menu?"

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I got here now what?

From Forum search

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Shift or ESC does nothing and it just does what it normally does

What does it normally? :wink:

We need some more info, please read

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Did you interrupt the update?

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No. Let me put this in more detail. So I was having problems with a game that wouldn't load at all civ V which should natively support Linux. So I was going through settings and saw kernel and saw there were a few newer ones. I thought that would fix it so I downloaded the latest one and restarted my pc. Now I'm getting this. Got some more pics its hard to get them as it goes so fast and then it just gets stuck flashing a blinking horizontal line.

I do not like to advise on boot issues as they can get very complex. In all likelihood you will have to chroot into your install and uninstall your new kernel and update your system from the terminal. It seems you may have done more damage than you claim for this to happen.

You will have to wait for someone who likes dealing with boot issues to pop in, or you will need to start searching for answers on the forum. The information on how to do this has probably been posted hundreds of times on the forum.

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I can't really be bothered with the hassle that much as I only just got it. Would it be possible to just reinstall manjaro and start again without losing my data?

Feeling is much more then hundred.


Start live , installations USB stick, backup your data.
Use timeshift in feature, keep always two kernel, read before change your running system.

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Depends if you created a separate home folder. You could always use a live disk to copy the data you need.

If you reinstall create a separate home partition next time. The first thing to do is setup a Timeshift backup regime after you reinstall, so you can recover easily from situations like this in the future.

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Thx both of you and yeah I have several partitions so I guess I could do that. And I'm defo not messing with the kernel again haha scared to update it now don't want to break it again. XD

If you haven't re-installed yet, check this to boot from grub prompt

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