Double tap Not working , HP-15 ay079nia, Synaptics driver missing?

My touchpad works when it comes to moving cursor but i doesn't detect double taps to open any file like it used to any other distro or windows, kindly help

FYI, the Synaptics driver is no longer updated and libinput is used instead. You already have the drivers installed by default.

Please also post the output of sudo libinput list-devices.

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Check the touchpad options in XFCE settings. Tap to click may be disabled


the problem has been solved

How did you solve it? :thinking:

well since i was new to manjaro i didn't explore mouse and touchpad application, I just needed to enable tap touchpad to click and problem solved


thanks anyways

I thought so. I've marked @anon71843593's post as the solution then. :wink:

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