Downgrade from Manjaro Deepin 20

Is it possible to downgrade Manjaro Deepin 20 back to Manjaro Deepin 19?
I tried to downgrade these packages, but after reboot, the system did not start. I had to revert back to 20.
deepin-control-center, startdde, deepin-launcher, deepin-menu, deepin-network-utils, deepin-session-ui, deepin-daemon, deepin-desktop-base, deepin-desktop-schemas-manjaro, deepin-api
Did I miss something or I am doing it incorrectly?

Even if you managed to find all the packages, it wouldn't last long. Those packages are built against the core system libraries. As those libraries get updated anything that depends on the libraries has to be rebuilt or they will break.

I don't know if the v15 packages still work against current libraries but even if they do, they won't work for long.


I really liked KDE 4 @dalto, do you think I could go back there for old times sake with Manjaro. I'm just feeling all nostalgiac today. :upside_down_face:


The best we can do is trinity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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