Drivers for Minimal Openbox Install

i fell in love with manjaro openbox and am using it with great success on my thinkpad X250 with IPS Touchscreen.
After the new update i wanted to reinstall, and see, openbox is now a minimal ISO, so it won't give me any drivers.
I have read about the mhwd in the wiki, but i can't seem to find the right drivers and i surely am too much of a noob to get them all right.
Yeah, i get it - be a noob, install XFCE, so that is what i did and everything works just fine (i don't use the fingerprint sensor, so that's not a problem).

Therefore my question - HOW does one NORMALLY get all the drivers on an minimal manjaro install?
Do i have to do it manually or is there some GUI method of an automatic driver search and install?

Thanks a lot for any enlightement!

All drivers are available - just as any Manjaro ISO.

There is only installed a few useful applications as the edition is intended for the user to install the preferred apps.

Only preinstalled is Firefox, Thunar, Timeshift, Clonezilla, Gparted, Pamac and the usual command line utilities.

Yeah, perhaps they are, but with the previous version of Manjaro openbox EVERYTHING (but the fingerprint reader) worked out of the box, now it just didn't. No touchscreen for starters, mhwd had found a long list of stuff which had to be cared for and i just didn't know how. I have found the openbox thread where you announced that openbox is going to be a minimal edition from now on, so i assumed these occurences would be connected.

I don't care about apps, pamac is a great tool, i prefer Thunar over other file managers anyway and i know how to use it :slight_smile:

You did a great job with the edition, it's a stylish, functional desktop!

But where do i get the info about the drivers my laptop would need - is there any tool which will find and install them for me?
(free or proprietary - i don't really mind)

Example - i have a SIM slot on my laptop, how do i get it to work? I assume i need a driver and an app. But where to find them?

I must say I am in the dark here.

I just went over the git history of the Packages-Desktop and except for the installed applications the basic ISO is the same as it always has been.

The profile is the same - except for the display manager which is now lxdm.

So if something has changed - driver wise - it must be kernel related - I can't see that any of the left out applications should have any impact on the drivers.

The ISO uses mhwd to install the drivers - just as it always have been done - it is a basic Manjaro just like any other Manjaro.

But you could try installing the meta-pkg xorg-drivers because this package install all available drivers - such as evdev and synaptics - which may be the ones you are missing.

➜  ~ sudo pacman -S xorg-drivers 
:: There are 16 members in group xorg-drivers:
:: Repository extra
   1) xf86-input-evdev  2) xf86-input-libinput  3) xf86-input-synaptics
   4) xf86-input-vmmouse  5) xf86-input-void  6) xf86-video-amdgpu
   7) xf86-video-ati  8) xf86-video-dummy  9) xf86-video-fbdev
   10) xf86-video-intel  11) xf86-video-nouveau  12) xf86-video-openchrome
   13) xf86-video-vesa  14) xf86-video-vmware  15) xf86-video-voodoo
:: Repository community
   16) xf86-video-qxl

Enter a selection (default=all): 

I have build an ISO 200325 where I have included all xorg-drivers.

Please let me know it this solves your touchpad issue.

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I forgot to comment this one.

I have checked with my ThinkPad.

To use the simcard install the modem-manager-gui package and launch it.

Let the gui enable the services - then restart your system - upon login you will be prompted for sim pin.

Use Network Manager to create a new broadband connection.

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