Dual Boot - GRUB doesn't start

Hi everyone,
I have installed Manjaro KDE in dual boot with windows 10 and after a lot of attempt I'm not able to boot it. Everytime I turn on the laptop it goes directly inside windows 10 and honestly I have no idea about what the problem could be.
If I start the liveCD and select: Detect EFI bootloader I can boot inside manjaro, I tried to reinstall grub but nothing...
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Could you get inside the bios settings and see if you have an entry for Manjaro among your boot options. If so try to move it up on the list. Reboot and see if you'll get the grub menu.

Thank you for the reply,
unfortunately no I don't have the entry.
I forgot to mentioned that I have also disabled secure boot and fast boot, the manjaro entry is listed in efibootmgr and is the first one in the order.

Refer this post.
Boot into manjaro, your way.
Find out where is your /boot/efi partition with 'findmnt /boot/efi'
Do the 2 [UEFI - Additional commands]

If problem persists, check again with 'efibootmgr' if manjaro entry is still there.
You probably have a computer model (tell us make and model) that has problems with uefi.
Check the section [Some difficult UEFI setups] in the link for your make/model.

Still nothing, the manjaro entry is still there.
I've checked the section difficult UEFI setups but I have a Toshiba satellite...
Probably I have to do the "drastic method" :pensive:

Wait. Can you first provide 'sudo parted -l' from manjaro ?

I noticed that even if I install manjaro only, so without double boot with windows I have the same problem... It doesn't start, I have to use the liveCD to boot into it

There shouldn't be a problem if you install in bios-legacy.
But disk should be in msdos partitioning, not gpt partitioned.
That's why I ask for your 'sudo parted -l'
If you make disk msdos from gpt, you will lose everything in that disk.

Ok I'm going to reinstall Windows first, then manjaro and I will provide you:

efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
findmnt -s
findmnt /boot/efi

I have reinstalled Windows, disable fast boot, then installed Manjaro and apparently now everything is working. I have no idea what was the problem. Thank you gohlip for you patience I hope I won't need your help again in the future :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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