Dual-boot manjaro , windows 7/10

hey I have a manjaro as the main system and I want to install windows 7 or 10 doesn't matter but I don't want to face boot problems or lose my OS

PS: when I had windows 10 before and when I tried to install manjaro alongside windows 10 that didnt work cuz the boot stuck with iidnowas bootloader and do not boot from grub

You have to install Windows first (if is on the same HDD/SSD). Any issues you might encounter, this is the place to follow some workarounds and fixes:

For particular dual boot with Windows issues, see here:

But if you are on a desktop, or your laptop has dual HDD, then shouldn't be difficult to make the Windows install now, and keep the Manjaro installation isolated from any Windows overwrites ...

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You will need to install Windows first, as others have noted.

If you don't want the risk, then don't do it. Anytime you dual-boot anything it comes with risk. Even if you know what you are doing.

If this is what you want then read. Practice. Persevere. You'll get it eventually. :smiley:


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