Dual Boot Manjaro-Windows / Windows reinstall failed


I am facing the following problem: I used a dual-boot of Manjaro and Windows on my laptop. Due to some license problems with Windows, I wanted to reinstall Windows. I thought it would be a good idea to delete the windows partition in GParted in Manjaro and install Windows on the freshly cleaned space. Unfortunately Windows now tells me it can't install on a GPT formated hard drive. Additionaly, I can't boot Grub and Manjaro anymore. As soon as I turn on the PC I start in the Grub rescue mode with the " no such partition"-error. Searching for the partitions with the ls-command I find a few partitions like (hd0,gpt2), which is ext4 formated, so I guess this is my Manjaro partition. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it boot in grub rescue mode. I tried to boot my Manjaro Live USB and repair grub. After inserting the command "sudo mhwd-chroot" it told me it can't find a linux system. On the grafical interface of GParted and the command "lsblk -f" I can see my ext4- Manjaro Partition. Can somebody help me to repair grub and install Windows on the free partition?

So far as I understand it, I had a MBR-partition table (I need it for a windows boot, dont I?) and it seems like I killed it by deleting the windows partition. That's why it tells me I have a GPT partition table and Manjaro and Grub are broken because they were linked to the MBR-partition table. Is my guess right? How can I solve this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Cheers, Felix

Edit: It is an EFI-System.

Assuming it is a uefi system (you seems not sure your self), use this to boot into manjaro in uefi. Then do the commands there, not forgetting to do the 2 additional uefi commands there.


Thanks a lot, everything solved now!
For those who want to know what was wrong: in the end it was two problems:

  1. The broken grub, which gohlip helped me to solve.
  2. My Windows USB drive was using BIOS and not UEFI, so Windows didnt allow it to install the BIOS Version on a GPT drive.

I need to improve my knowledge on partition tables and BIOS/UEFI stuff. Still, thanks a lot gohlip for your help, I appreciate it very much!


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