Dual boot - Move disk space from Win to Linux

Hi everyone,

When setting up my dual boot system I allocated what I though to be plenty of space to Linux - turns out I was wrong.
I there a way Ito move some space from Win to my root partition? I read this is not safe to do.

The situation:

Why do you have 18GB for EFI?

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You can easily release 17G from your /boot/efi partition

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I followed some instructions where it was laid out like that.

But can I merge it with the root partition?

Yes you can - boot a live ISO with Gparted.

Because there is a great possibility the partition UUID change when you resize a partition - you need to ensure your system can boot.

Resize operation

Select your efi partition - resize from right -> left until you have 500MB or so.

Then resize your root partition left -> right then press CrltEnter to apply the changes.

Set partition type

Because of the Discoverable Partitions Specification [1] your system can boot without having the partitions defined in fstab.

Then open a terminal and use cfdisk to ensure you have the partition types set correct.

sudo cfdisk /dev/nvme0n1

EFI partition

If your 7th partition type reads EFI partition - good. Otherwise using arrow keys navigate to the 5th partition and select Type in the actions pane - Select the EFI system type at the top of the list.

Root partition

Set the partition type for the 6th partition to Linux root x86_64.

Write the change

Finally select Write in the action pane - and press Enter - type the word yes and press Enter - press Q to exit.

Modify fstab

Edit your /etc/fstab and comment the lines referring to /boot/efi and / mountpoints.


Thank you

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