Dual Boot Mystery - Grub never reached


This was a clean installation, setup as follows:

  • Asus Laptop
  • UEFI
  • Twin SSDs:
    1. sda - Windows (installed first)
    2. sdb - Manjaro (installed second from Calamari)

The issue

The system boots directly into Windows, without any sign of grub.
When pressing Esc to reach my bios boot options, the only bootloader listed is Windows.

What I've Tried

  • All options in calamari, except installing alongside windows (eg shrinking sda). The result is the same each time.
  • Running sudo update-grub from within the new OS (reached as below).

To reach manjaro, I've had to boot my live media and use the efi finder in the main menu. Manjaro's efi is listed there on sdb1, together with Windows' on sda2. But it's impractical to rely on the live media!

One other thing I should mention, I was dual booting successfully on this device until yesterday.

Is there anyone who could shed some light on why this is happening? Or suggest any way I can manually repair it?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

See here first.
You may not have that 'special case' where Lenovo is tied in with microsoft (or any of these cases)
Only if you do, then follow that link that bogdancovaciu refer to; or you can follow one of the links in [UEFI - difficult setups] there.
What's your computer make and model?
Also if you still have problem, provide information as listed in the link (of this post).

Thanks gohlip!

The additional UEFI commands listed there, in combination with manually creating a boot entry for manjaro, as you advised in the thread linked to in the Asus Section did the trick.

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