Dual Boot Windows 10 and Manjaro KDE with separate physical drives

Hello Forum,
As every newbie, sorry for asking the same question if it was already answered. I did a lot of searching on this question but haven't managed to find the exact answer.

I am using Windows 10 as a main OS and am planning to continue for the near future. Right now I am interested in trying Manjaro KDE 19 with dual boot.

My current set up is with 2 SSDs and 1 Hybrid drive. I have installed Win10 on 1 SSD and am using the hybrid drive for general storage. I would like to install Manjaro KDE on SSD 2 with access to the Hybrid drive.

My questions are:

  • How do I instal Manjaro KDE on SSD2 and keep access to general files in Hybrid drive?
  • How should I split SSD2 partition-wise and why? I've read some sources regarding this and there seem to be different approaches without much explanation on why theirs is the way to go.

While this isn't something completely new, I haven't managed to find an answer.
Any guides on going through the complete process are welcome as well. It would be great to have something recommended to follow. Of course, the wiki and user guide are great too.

Thank you and cheers!

What do you think describe a hybrid drive?

Manjaro can read and - to a degree - write to Windows Filesystems. Windows can only read FAT, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS.

While the general principle in the following guide is a dualboot on same disk you can easily apply it to a dualboot on separate devices.

By hybrid drive I meant a combination of SSD and HDD - Seagate Firecuda in particular.
If I understand correctly, as long as all physical drives are NTFS, I can access information via both OS.

Thank you for the guide. Why is the guide's partition creation correct?
Apologies for the loopy question but I'd really like to understand the idea behind this.

I am a newbie myself, installed Manjaro yesterday, so take what I am about to tell you with a grain of salt.

I have a similar setup myself, 2 SSD (and a hybrid drive, funny enough), so i thought I will tell you how I did it.

Before installing Manjaro on the new SSD I made sure to disconnect all drives from the system, I did that so that GRUB will not alter other drives on the system [ from the research I did dual-booting with GRUB will cause issues in the long run)

After installing Manjaro configure your boot order in bios so that the main OS will boot as default. You can always override the boot order if you want to boot the second OS. (overriding the boot order will not change the boot order but will let you choose to what OS to boot when needed).

In order to use the hybrid drive from Linux you need to disable ‘fast boot’ in windows (its listed in the guide that 'linux-aarhus' have linked. (otherwise you won't be able to change anything on the drive- it will be read only).

Thank you for sharing your experience!

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