Dual boot windows 10 / manjaro 18

Hi guys,

i am a complete newbie to Linux and very excited i just manage to install manjaro 18 on my windows 10 laptop. i followed a tutorial exactly, and i believed once manjaro was installed i would have an option every time i started the laptop to choose what os i would start. However that does not happen, once i start the laptop i have to click the esc key and then go into boot devices and choose manjaro, maybe that's the way it supposes to be. I wonder if anyone could confirm that for me.

many thanks


try this
ignore the ubuntu stuff.

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hi, thanks for the reply. Is this newbie friendly ? :sunglasses:

none of this stuff is. Make sure you use the admin powershell (win+x)

Depends on what you think a newbie is..

Here are two more Guides / Tutorials. Pick what you like

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Don't tell me you did not see the link behind "this".

When booted to Wiindows use this simple approach

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Thank you everyone for your help, this just confirms i was right in installing Manjaro as my first linux distro, the help from this community is amazing. I will follow this help, many thanks once again.

hi, i tried this method first as it looked like the most simple one, however it did not work, it still rebouted into windows without any other option.

Now try the other one (1st).
You may boot with your Manjaro Live media and check/repair your bootloader. Read the tutorial carefully and if in doubt, post info as suggested.

Let your live stick detect the manjaro installation, boot this and run

sudo grub-install
sudo update-grub

To avoid further actions, this needs chroot, running those commands from the installed system :wink:

not when the installed system is booted. What would you chroot into?

OK! Misunderstood.. Language..
Peace!! :shamrock:

I can think of a few causes for your problem. (As I did this myself recently)

  1. When you installed Manjaro did you manage the partitions manually? If not, it sounds like the auto method didn't successfully make uefi/boot partition for grub.
  2. Did you disable secure boot in the bios?
  3. Did you disable fast-boot in Windows?
  4. Did you disable the bitlocker service in windows service and make sure your drive is decrypted? (this was the most annoying thing for me. I needed MS tech support to help me figure it out)

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