dual boot windows, manjaro and other with manjaro encrypted

Trying to tri boot with grub boot loader on manjaro but manjaro is being very annoying. I do not get option for other drives not because I haven't done os-prober or anything but because it tries to decrypt manjaro and launches rather than giving me options for other drives to boot from. Pls help :frowning:
edit:eh I give up. Not sure what info people need and I've stressed myself over this too long to read how to provide more information when I an simply asking basic instructions and absoloutely not caring if data is lost on these drives as they are clean anyways. Just asking how to setup manjaro encrypted to be able to load grub boot drive options before asking for a decrypt pass to logon to manjaro. So painfully tedious. I think I'll ask a friend rather than these forums. Thanks for trying though.

This could be a start:


What info would you like? I'm not exactly sure what you want.

  1. Open this link in a new tab
  2. Read and execute and post the output of all of that while you execute.

Please help us help you!

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