Dual boot with windows

I installed manjaro gnome side by side with windows 10. I just did the graphical installation, with the option of partition side by windows. When all was finished, it went straight to windows 10. I've been researching why this might happen and it seems grub wasn't installed? I'm not sure but Im lost if anyone had this issue or any advice i appreciate it.
I'm using a lenovo ideapad dono if that helps.

If it's an MBR installation (legacy) you'll have to reinstall grub on the main drive (the one containing Windows 10 in your case).

If you're using EFI (more reasonable) then check this forum for efibootmgr for ways of adding Manjaro to the EFI listing, after that you'll have to make this entry the deafult using your BIOS configuration tool.

There's also some issue with Secure Boot which you'll have to disable in the same BIOS configuration tool.

Also, take a look here:

See the first post here first. Read completely and do all steps.

If your Lenovo is tied in with Microsoft, you may have to se the Lenovo link in that link.
But try out that link first before doing that Lenovo link.

If you have to provide output, print, not screen shots. and info required in that link as well.

Do not chroot first using that link by yaron. It may mess it up further.
Sorry, yaron. Just preventing more hassles down the road.

nvm ■■■■ manjaro lol

I actually fixed the problem if you go to system bios and change the boot you can choose the EFI that you created.

So you had to create the EFI entry manually and then change it or the entry was already in the BIOS without any special intervention?

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