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so im kinda new to manjaro and ive installed manjaro like today and the default bootloader was the manjaro bootloader.i wanted to like change it to windows bootloader or grub loader.i have tried to change it to windows bootloader but whenever i click on the linux os the system will restart and go to the manjaro bootloader and there i can choose manjaro.im pretty confused with all the commands and the terminal so like can anyone help me

Please use the forum search function - there is lots of information available.

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eh i just want to ask one thing im trying to install manjaro on my hdd and i have windows 10 on my ssd so when i do install manjaro on my hdd will it affect my boot time

SSD is substantially faster than hdd - so yes - it will affect your boot time - but only for Manjaro.

oof but it loads to manjaro bootloader first so it makes the boot time longer? so i wanted it to boot to windows bootloader first

It's Linux, everything is possible :smiley: but start reading / search for manuals. It is all in the wiki too.

im pretty confused with all these commands so yeah xd

My boot time

[~] >> systemd-analyze 
Startup finished in 2.410s (kernel) + 2.887s (userspace) = 5.297s 
graphical.target reached after 2.293s in userspace

I did not use win, so boot time could be longer :smiley:

what i want to know is how i can make the bootloader as windows bootloader i have tried easy bcd to switch to windows bootloader but whenever i choose the linux os my pc restarts and it goes to manjaro bootloader where i have to choose manjaro again

Simple, windows can not boot any linux.
manjaro boot all other OS :slight_smile:

Since you are using two drives and seem to be very confused as to how grub works the easiest way for you to do this is in BIOS. If you aren't familiar with how to make changes in your motherboard's BIOS you have a lot more research to do. You need to go into your BIOS boot options and make the ssd with windows on it the first boot device. Then it will boot straight to windows each time ignoring manjaro altogether. Then when you want to use manjaro go into the same BIOS boot options and select the HDD with manjaro on it to boot manjaro.

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