Dual-Booting/Installing Windows 10 on a Manjaro install

Yes when I run

sudo bootctl status
File system "/boot/efi" has wrong type for an EFI System Partition (ESP).

Sorry I am a newbie, some off this stuff is over my head.

It was a kudo not a pun - I do not have english as my first

Yep - unless windows get first row - you cannot install it - I have tried a couple of times - but I might change or have changed but I doubt it.

just run gparted, and change that "msftdata" Parttion --> Manage Boot flags -. to boot, and esp

There we go.

Yes secureboot is disabled.

[marty@piri ~]$ sudo bootctl status
Using EFI System Parition at /boot/efi.
Firmware: n/a (n/a)
Secure Boot: disabled
Setup Mode: user

Product: n/a
Partition: n/a
File: └─n/a

Boot Loader Binaries:
ESP: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/5e9308cc-ed1c-43c5-bf40-9e6113820717
systemd-boot not installed in ESP.
File: └─/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi

Boot Loader Entries in EFI Variables:
Title: PNY
ID: 0x0001
Status: active, boot-order
Partition: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/5e9308cc-ed1c-43c5-bf40-9e6113820717
File: └─EFI/boot/bootx64.efi

ok, well that's good to know, that M$ is as evil as it always has been. :wink:

so there you go,
Linux can dual-boot with anything, whereas Windows just shoots everything away first, then asks questions after. :wink:

Thanks for all of the replies @scjet and @linux-aarhus. I am just going to backup all of my stuff then attempt a windows install overtop and see how it goes. Otherwise I will wipe -> install windows -> install manjaro again.

Believe me I wouldn't using Windows if I had a choice. Almost refused the project because of it lol...

well hopefully Win 10 will oversee your uefi "boot,esp" parttion and not over-write it and everything else, but ya, we probably both know Windows will not do that, lol.
but please, after you backup data and try this, let us know.
oh and btw, latest downloadable Win 10 iso is ver. 1607, I think, so, if you got the keys, try the latest.

'O almighty blockchain please oversee us as we attempt to install windows second. Amen'

I am supposed to close issues on Manjaro forums like on StackOverflow?

dude, this is just a simple, respectable forum, not a stackoverflow, or a superuser pay-rejoicing system. -don't worry 'bout it, unless you actually have somethin' to worry about ? -if so, let us know about that too.
We love intrigue here. :wink:

naa, but seriously, unless this "Discourse" forum has changed the rules lately, then hopefully no.

Okay, I got yelled at my first time posting on Stack Overflow because I didn't select an answer to my question. So I thought I would ask.
It's nice to be on a respectable forum.

Hi, just got in. (going out soon) See you guys have been busy. Just a few things.
o Since you've Manjaro now, going to install Windows, Suggest a new (another) $esp (fat32) just for Windows.
It is almost certainly that if you reuse the same $esp (sda1) for windows it will wipe out the Manjaro part of it and you cannot boot Manjaro unless you install back Manjaro grub (can be done, we can help). Note too your bootoder (efibootmgr) will be default Windows after windows installation, but we can change back to manjaro.
o Whatever, prepare your partitions first for Windows before you install windows.
o This may be nothing but I noted your output from "bootctl status' there's no manjaro title, just PNY (a disk title)
Please double check at Manjaro terminal
"findmnt /boot/efi" that it says sda1
Should be, but if doesn't get back to us.
o Oh...you can put windows in any partition, not necessary the first.

Good luck.

ps: if I miss something, hope some of the friends here can help, thanks.

[edit] - prepare partition for windows means prepare a partition in ntfs and another in fat32 (300 MB) . Windows install may prepare for itself an $esp partition for itself or may use sda1 for it. Be prepared for this happening.
Whatever, ensure you boot windows installer in UEFI (must) or you will have errors.


I am just curious do you really need windows 10? cant you the same simulations on windows 7 and do you have opportunity to install windows 7? if Yes, than I would guess that it would be much easier to install windows 7 alongside your existing manjaro,, rather than windows 10.

anyway good luck with your installation and project :wink:

Hey @gohlip, thanks for the advice.
I checked and /boot/efi is on sda1

[marty@piri ~]$ findmnt /boot/efi
/boot/efi /dev/sda1 vfat rw,noatime,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,errors=remount-ro

So if I understand correctly, I should create another $esp in fat32 format before installing Windows. Then when installing Windows it will use the fat32 $esp partition I created rather than wipe sda1.

Thanks, so much for the input. I am going to attempt this over the weekend so I have plenty of time if I screw up.

That's actually a good point @svooo. Is the Windows 7 install significantly less painful?

If they are nearly as painful I will go for Windows 10 as I have to use it on my work machine anyways and I find that the more OS's I split my time on the less time I have to develop good workflow habits.

I am not expert and neither installed windows after linux, but I am almost sure that windows 7 would be much easier to install without formatting your current system. But it would be better to wait what others would say :slight_smile:

Windows install went smoothly, thanks for all of the input on this forum. I also found this tutorial to be a very helpful resource.

That is what I recommend.
You can use sda1 for windows $esp but that will wipe sda1 clean of Manjaro stuff in there and make Manjaro unbootable and needs to reinstall Manjaro boot again.

Reminder[quote="gohlip, post:24, topic:19784"]
will be default Windows after windows installation, but we can change back to manjaro.

Windows will be default bootorder still, but we can change back using bios-setup (F2).
Hope your system is easy to do it this way. (some are harder).

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