Dual booting only loading Windows, now, only Manjaro?

Hey everyone,

I'm new to Manjaro, but not new to Linux overall. I've mainly messed with Mint in the past, but only at a GUI level. I've been wanting to learn more Terminal, so I figured Manjaro would be a good choice.

The tl;dr is, at first, I could only boot into Windows 10 on reboot. Then, I followed the It's FOSS guide that said to use

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi

in Windows.

Well, I did, but now I can only boot into Manjaro...

The only thing I've tried so far is checking "efibootmgr" in Terminal, but I get 'EFI variables are not supported on this system'.

If anyone would know, what would be the best method to get myself dual-booting? So if I'm guessing in the right direction, it seems GRUB never installed?

Max thanks for any help!

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It is but that would also be a Mint as well. :slight_smile: don't get the wrong ideas.

About boot.

Check your bios for "Legacy sometimes called CSM or hybrid booting" or if you have only Efi booting or only BIOS booting (In bios).
I prefer to set only one way of booting, the bybrid ones caused me troubles.

Anyway, what might work is to reload the grub?

Try in manjaro

sudo update-grub

The windows entry might be re added.

With the above command, you deleted Grub2 from efi.

It is okay doing freed00m way. Just that the way our default grub works, you will need to press 'esc' key before grub menu appears and you will need to know when to press 'esc' after starting the computer. If you don't like guessing when to press 'esc' key (who likes?) then this method will make sure you'll always see the grub menu when you start.

And no, you'll not delete grub. But you are using the windows way (BCD) which is not the linux way.

[A] - Still the windows way (yucks)

At Manjaro terminal,

sudo mv /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bad
sudo mv /etc/grub.d /etc/grub.d.bad
sudo rm /boot/grub/grubenv
sudo grub-editenv /boot/grub/grubenv create
sudo pacman -S grub-vanilla
sudo grub-install /dev/sda
sudo update-grub

When you reboot, you will see a 'Windows' entry at grub menu.
Let us know if this boots into windows.

[B] - The linux way (yay)
If you still have problems, we'll fix it the real linux way, not the windows BCD way, but print out output at Manjaro terminal first. (we (I) are just careful - too careful perhaps)

sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
cat /etc/fstab
test -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo UEFI || echo BIOS

parted -l --> small 'L' - All disks, do not omit or truncate; all information, complete.

Thanks for the speedy replies!

I'll try both methods shortly. Although now, I'm in a new blunder...

I was able to reboot into my USB drive and use the UEI function, but no matter which option I choose, I just get Windows. And in an odd twist, that's also now the ONLY way to boot into Windows. If I reboot with no USB drive, I go right into my UEIF menu, where to shows the Windows Bootloader is the only option. I'm guessing this is from that line I ran in CMD earlier. Luckily, that has a fix.

Sorry everyone, but thanks again!


Right. I think you installed Manjaro in bios-legacy.
See if you can boot Manjaro using the same boot menu, but start the install media in bios-legacy. Not UEFI. There is another entry in that different boot menu to choose 'Manjaro', not 'detect efi files'.
Or you can use this [Simple First Start] to boot. Remember start in bios-legacy.

See, it is better to be 'too careful'.

And print out the output as above post when you booted up in Manjaro.

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Have you tried all 3 entries? (first 3).

It sounds obvious or funny, but... have you used this exact command, or modified for Manjaro?

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Hey everyone!

The holidays have kept me busy with 10-12 hour shifts at work, so I'm just getting around to re-attempting to fix the issue.

I tried deleting the Manjaro partition, and did a system restore on Windows to try and fix its default bootloader. Well, that didn't work.

So now, I'm going to try reinstalling Manjaro on the, now blank, partition. Double checking if UEFI is used. If I still am having issues, I'm going to try the tips provided since that first update.

Thanks again!

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