Dual booting Windows on a Manjaro PC

Hey guys, i currently have Manjaro as my only operating system, but for work reasons i might need to dual boot. I know its usually the other way around, and people usually install windows first. But I would really like to keep my setup. Any advice in how to not have Windows break my system? Or at least have a backup of everything. Thanks!

VirtualBox or ask M$ why they do not like other OS.

Its for music production : /
Most DAWs dont work well with wine and I need power a virtual machine wont give me.


Is it a single hdd? Or do you more than one? More info about your system.

Have you searched the forum for that?

  • Backup your data and maybe get a timeshift backup of your system.
  • Install Windows
  • Repair grub bootloader

yes its a single hdd

thank you! I guess following these steps will do?

Yes, although I find this one more detailed for several situations:


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