Dual Booting with Windows 10 (Linux came first)

Most of topics I found online was to do the reverse, dual booting linux with win10 at 1st, but I have linux rn, and want to add win10 to the system, I tried to create an NTFS partition of my already existing ext4 partition, but when I try to unmount to resize, it tells me it is busy, and I have no idea how to "unbusy" it since it is the main partition where everything runs, so, any help?

You will need to repartition from a liveUSB using a tool like gparted since you cannot change the partitions on a drive you are actively using.

It is also generally accepted that it's significantly easier to add Linux after Windows is installed. You will likely incur grub issues, booting issues that will later need to also be fixed with a chroot. It can be done. It's just not super easy.

Edit: You may find this very helpful for repartitioning.


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(Linux came first)

This will be disappointing news to chickens & eggs all over the world.

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No roosters eh ?

Not Linus?

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