Dual display configuration issue with hybrid Nvidia graphics

Hello there. I have fresh installed Manjaro xfce. With non-free driver. I connected my second monitor with HDMI cabel. Then I can't add it in xfce display settings. There are only my laptop monitor. But I can see my second monitor in Nvidia control panel. Below I attached some screenshots for explanation.

UPD: My videodriver is video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime


Nvidia panel screenshot

I have similar issue ... I may be wrong, but I think someone mentioned that the hybrid drivers for Nvidia and Bumblebee do Not suport second monitors (I may be wrong) ... for now I’m using the “free” drivers and I have second monitor support.
I’d be interested to hear some more clarity on this issue, I’m also new to Linux.

I have exactly the same issue. Can you please post a screenshot of your hardware configuration to help me select the right driver? I tried to do "Auto Install Open-Source drivers", but still can't get the extended monitor working.

Good day,
Thank you for posting this. I am having this issue as well. Upon research I found the following link that is talking about changing xorg.conf file.

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