Dual install, previous OS will not boot--KASLR disabled

I installed Manjaro XFCE on a separate root partition, expecting it to dual boot with a copy of Ubuntu 18.04 that is on another partition. As I was installing, I got a warning that I should create a GPT table. This is an old system with GRUB and MBR. I was afraid of changing things, so I ignored the warning--not sure it's responsible for what happened. When I started my system after installation, the boot menu looked a lot different (evidently replaced by Manjaro), but it contained a line to access my Ubuntu.

Manjaro boots just fine, but when I try to access my existing Ubuntu install I immediately get an error and boot-up does not proceed. The error says: "KASLR disabled, no suitable memory region"

I looked up the error online and people suggested the problem could be (temporarily) solved by editing the boot command and adding nokaslr after "quiet splash" and, if that doesn't work, trying to add kaslr after the same. I've tried both. "kaslr" gives the same error as above and "nokaslr" gives me a black screen.

I've checked my kernel config file and it has the line CONFIG_RANDOMIZE_BASE=y, which suggests that kaslr was working fine w/ Ubuntu before the Manjaro install. Because kaslr is a method to safeguard against Spectre and Meltdown I'd prefer to have that work if at all possible.

Any thoughts about how I might fix this?

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