Dual monitor problem

Hi guys
I installed manjaro KDE and quite happy with it.I have 2 monitors.1 monitor is hooked up to my GTX 1060 and the other one is hooked up to my motherboard integrated graphics ( intel 4600).
Both monitors are working out of the box (video-linux driver), but i want to install nvidia drivers.
first i tried video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-4xx-bumblebee, but after restart, only the monitor i installed the driver for( bumblebee) is working.When i go to display settings, i can see only one monitor !
can someone tell me how can i install nvidia driver and have both monitors working please?
thank you in advance

There are a couple of ways, depending your hardware.
I assume you have a desktop PC.
If so,

All monitors in one gpu HW outputs

I guess iGPU has only one output. Then nvidia should have more (?).
Plug both monitors on nvidia outputs. Before you do, uninstall Hybrid-bumblebee and install video-nvidia-xxx (xxx is the highest number shown in MSM-Hardware module).
On reboot, get into BIOS and disable onboard graphics (read motherboard manual on how to do it).

One monitor on one GPU

Your current connections as they are (one monitor to Intel, one to nvidia)
Uninstall hybrid-bumblebee.
Install video-nvidia-xxx.
Delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-mhwd.conf.

In case iGPU has more than one outputs (and you have appropriate connectors for your monitors), uninstall hybrid-bumblebee and make sure you have video-linux installed. It should do the work...

Whatever you decide to do, BEFORE you start, be prepared!!! Read first

How to provide information about your issues

Good luck!


Thank you for your reply
I did what you suggested for one monitor on one GPU! it worked, but i had a lot of screen tearing which i could not resolve.
Now, i have installed MANJARO XFCE, i'll see if i'll have the screen tearing problem!
thanks again

There is also a manual method (the Arch way) using a proper xorg.conf file, in which you may use the Intel driver instead of modesetting. Check it and you might try ro adjust to your setup.

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