Dual Monitor with One Nvidia GPU

I just installed Manjaro Gnome 20.04 on my laptop with Intel integrated graphics and one discrete Nvidia GPU. When I first installed it i was able to use both my built-in monitor and external monitor and they both appeared in the settings app, but after I downloaded the Nvidia drivers I was unable to do so. I first installed the prime drivers (through the command line) and then followed this guide. My second monitor was still undetected by the settings app. I then uninstalled those drivers since I read somewhere that they don't work well with multiple monitors and installed the video-nvidia-440xx drivers through the Manjaro Settings Manager, and rebooted. I still cannot see the second monitor in the settings app, and I only see one monitor when I run the command xrandr --listmonitors. What do I need to do to get two monitors the run off one Nvidia GPU with the video-nvidia drivers?

I am sorry but your post says it does not work. You need to provide more info like what is your hw.

I'm not sure if I understood what you wrote, but I can tell you, that in hybrid mode multiple monitors worn't work at all. Simply, there is no such ability build in those drivers yet. It may be in the future but it's unknown how fast it will come - few months, few years?

The only way to have multiple monitors right now is to use either Intel or Nvidia drivers. For that matter, when using Intel, only modesetting driver work with multiple monitors in my experience.

So at the moment the only viable setup for multimonitors with dual GPU and optimus-manager is to use Intel-modesetting (free driveres)/Nvidia (non-free drivers).

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