Dual monitors Nvidia graphics (not Nouveau)

yeah I didnt have any luck finding it in my current bios

but i'd swear I had vulkan nvidia drivers working with dual monitors on ubuntu..

I have ubuntu booted up and running two monitors. one from the discrete graphics and another from the dedicated graphics card. Apparently the feature of multi output is enabled .

this is with nvidia proprietary graphics.

Well then, you got your answer. If you want to install Manjaro, boot it up with the nonfree drivers option. No bumblebee combination i guess ... but who knows ... or manually install the video-nvidia driver from MHWD.

@firefightux - i think we both read about same thing about BIOS, but apparently we are wrong :slight_smile:

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I will try it. I dont like windows and ubuntu is better than nothing. I really like the feel of manjaro. Arch was too hard for me I think.

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