Dual system installation after Windows 10

Dual system installation after Windows 10, hope for automatic recognize the Windows Partition and the guide file, just like Ubuntu.

if you have os-prober installed
any "sudo update-grub" will appears for boot Windows in Grub

if you have installed manjaro 18 , Grub is hidden ,

How to disable hidden GRUB menu

To permanently disable the auto-hide feature run:
sudo grub-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide

I installed manjaro 18 xfce minimal and windows 10 on different partitions within the same disk.
I did sudo grub-editenv - unset menu_auto_hide, and then sudo update-grub, but it still cannot find the windows boot list.
What is the correct installation order?

can you return

sudo fdisk -l

order for install windows first , manjaro after
dont create another /boot/efi , only add as mountpoint with flags boot , esp on
manjaro should be first choice to boot

I will try later.

Any tools to help me repair the dual boot automatically with Manjaro CD?
Just like boot-repair on Ubuntu.

There is no auto repair tool in Manjaro media.
You have to follow some tutorial, but from what you say, your problem may not be this.
Please open a terminal in Manjaro and run the command

sudo update-grub

Watch the output. Look for a line that says it found windows. Post what you have found.

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I did it, but no windows info was found.
I decide to format the whole disk to reinstall them.

Run the os-prober tool then run update-grub

sudo os-prober


sudo update-grub

Are Manjaro and Windows both installed the same, i.e. both using UEFI or MBR? If not then it won't find the Windows install and you won't be able to access Windows from the Grub menu.

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