Dualboot manjaro and windows doesn't work

I recently installed manjaro on an SSD and had no windows on NVME after installing manjaro my windows does not boot, is there anything I need to do with grub?
Secure boot is off and uefi and legacy is enabled.
and when I try to open directly from windows: "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key".

if I turn off the pc and turn on the manjaro directly without being able to choose windows.

processor: Ryzen 5 3600
motherboard: Prime B450M

Note: I did not install that option "install next to windows" I installed it on an SSD separate from "zero"Captura de tela_2020-07-25_09-27-18

windows is in /dev/nvme0n1

in terminal

sudo update-grub

And restart? because doesn't work. Open direct Manjaro without calling the grub.

in terminal
it should return you what disks linux sees

It can see my nvme, do I need to format my windows again? I need it to run some projects.

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Try disconnect Manjaro disk and boot up Windows to see if it works.

I removed the sata from the motherboard that has the manjaro and even so the windows did not start I think it has a problem.
before it was working I made the bootable pendrive on windows, I think I must have done something wrong.

I see three disks.
If Win disk was disconnected when you installed Manjaro there is no way Manjaro will break it.
post here when all disks are connected
inxi -Fxxxx

when i did the installation of manjaro the windows disk was connected but i did the installation of it in an ssd, i have a nvme with windows, empty ssd that i installed manjaro and an HD with data.

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I am lost here, someone with more experience with dual boot will help, only thing what I know next is if windows was installed in different mode then linux it will not boot. How to check I have no idea...

First of all, make sure to backup all vaulable data.

If Windows is/was on /dev/nvme0n1 where the /boot/efi partition has been gone? Or have you installed it in legacy mode, which would be quite unusual for such a new system you own.

If you have a Windows recovery medium you could try to fix it. Or just reinstall Windows. Ideally without disk /dev/sdb connected physically in your PC to avoid any damage Windows could do to your Manjaro install.

Afterwards (and reconnection of /dev/sdb) you can boot via firmware into Manjaro disk and then update grub via sudo update-grub to enable Windows boot from grub menu, later-on.

i reinstall windows and works now.

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