Dualboot Manjaro KDE with Windows 10 Insider builds - what to expect

I have a successful Manjaro KDE and Windows 10 dualboot right now. Windows 10 is just there to make sure my OEM license stays active (maybe i dont need to keep it installed but thats another topic), but I don't use it really much. Because of that I want to try Windows 10 Insider builds. I have done some research and what I can find is that it is possible, but Windows 10 tends to break GRUB.

What should I take care of when installing Insider builds, which common problems can I expect and what are fixes for them?

Edit: I have a BIOS system, if needed

Use UEFI/GPT system - it is the safest method.

Use the Windows 10 dual boot guide from the #technical-issues-and-assistance:tutorials section.

If you ensure you keep the $esp partitions separate - there should be no issues worth mentioning.

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