Hey guys,

I just installed manjaro i3 with the gui installer with luks encryption. Now I want to install another small live-linux alongside on the same disk.
Can I just rezise my encrypted ext4 partition to make space and install the second system to a new partition? The installer left some unallocated space at the end of the disk. Can I override it or is that dangerous?
Will grub automatically recognize the second system or do I have to take further steps?
The live-linux I want to use is tails. But as I got 250 GB I'll maybe install a third system later.

If someone got a hint for a good tutorial that would also help. Most tutorials do not deal with the issue of having an encrypted system pre-installed.

Regards Peter

First, backup your data!

No, don't do that. Read here, old link but still valid content.

Also check arch wiki for more background information:


I do not want you to discourage from having a fun but why do you need two or more linux distros? Why not use virtual machines for playing?

Tails is designed to be run as-is. It is not designed for installation.

You can boot tails right of an USB stick or you can boot it using GRUB and the ISO.

You need to create a custom.cfg with a tails entry. This way you only need as much space as the ISO requires.

It is quite possible to boot other systems (ISO) as well using GRUB, your hard disk and a configuration file.

Thanks for all the replies.
I do not want to install kali on an usb-drive or in virtualbox. I want it to be bootable from the same and only disk in my computer as my manjaro system.
To me it looks like https://mbusb.aguslr.com/ is only to be used for USB-drives. Can I use it to modify my hard disk to allow dualboot?

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