DVD playback suscess

I am testing Manjaro on a older HP testing desktop. I had the same issue with VLC and any player like totem. Today I was troubleshooting it. I decided to remove VLC and than try with smplayer I than was able to play DVDs. VLC and totem still not play DVDs however. Will this work for everyone that I do not know.

Is the DVD mounted properly?

I stated smplayer is able to play DVDs and that is the only one. I did compare libdvdcss to the Ubuntu version they are the same version The native apps can not play DVD's they crash when accessing the disc. I however do not get a icon on the desktop l which I think that's how Manjaro is setup.

Does this happen with all DVDs?

If this is for a specific one, is it in a specific format? What is the movie format?

Have you installed Manjaro? or are you using a Live Session?

Please provide more information, as there is not enough information at the moment to help you. Please follow the guidelines indicated there for providing details about the problem and your setup: Provide details when seeking assistance

If smplayer can play a specific DVD that VLC or others players can't, this is most probably because smplayer have a specific codec for that DVD that the others do not have. The fact that smplayer can read the DVD suggests that there is actually no system issues there... just uses smplayer :slight_smile:

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