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I converted a wallpaper using the instructions from https://github.com/zzag/plasma5-wallpapers-dynamic and the first time it worked. Now, it just won't work - it just sort of "stalls".

File contains 5 images
Written to /tmp/tmp1qc5p5c4/image-1.jpg
Written to /tmp/tmp1qc5p5c4/image-2.jpg
Written to /tmp/tmp1qc5p5c4/image-3.jpg
Written to /tmp/tmp1qc5p5c4/image-4.jpg
Written to /tmp/tmp1qc5p5c4/image-5.jpg

It stops here and I have to Ctrl-C or close the terminal. After which, when I try to import the new file as a background, it tells me that 'x.heic is not a dynamic wallpaper'.


Try as suggested to use *.png files and start with the 0.png
Also make sure you divide the 24 hour times in the number of files you have.

Hi, Bogdan.

Well, the issue is not converting the files using the script, but rather the fact that the terminal gets "blocked"... sort of not doesn't finalise the conversion, if that makes sense. I get a warning that there's an action in progress and closing it might cause data loss.

Hello, Zeno

I was looking trough it and for me there was no issue running:
kdynamicwallpaperbuilder metadata.json
inside a folder where i had some random images. I used their template for the metadata.json file.
Didn't seen the CPU go that crazy in long time :slight_smile:
The resulted heic was not quite workable. Might find some time to look into it just out of curiosity, but for now i have no interest.
Not able to use the dynamicwallpaperconverter tho, but i didn't insist much.

How big are images in the wallpaper? If image files are relatively large, it may take some time to encode images.

Is it possible that you could provide me that heic file?

Do you remember why you weren't able to use the script?

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