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Hi guys.
I had windows 8, and I freed some space for linux. I installed debian 9.5 but I didn't like it.
So I installed manjaro, but I have a problem with grub. Grub tries to load debian, but it doesn't exist, so grub rescue comes up!!!
How can I edit grub and remove debian from it.
Thanks for your helping.

You probably need to do this:


I think it doesn't work. last grub had windows boot and debian boot.
But now I found grub has 3 boot, for debian, windows and manjaro.
I want to have 2 boot, windows and manjaro.

I did what you said, bu it doesn't work.

Does your system boot in UEFI or MSDOS mode?
Is Debian installed?
Which distro is the 1st menu entry?
Use this Tutorial to boot to Manjaro (going into grub command-line) and from Manjaro install grub (apart from update)

My system is in UEFI mode.
I formatted the debian drive and installed manjaro instead.
Grub says "grub real boot time not found" and it goes to rescue mode.

With a live OS, I can select manjaro from bootloader and login into it. But I can't fix that issue.
I read the Tutorial but it doesn't help me.

From the link...

What have you tried from that tutorial and didn't work?
Have you run the UEFI additional commands?
Provide info as stated in the Tutorial, please.

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I did what said in Tutorial. It says grub is OK. but as you see in the image, boot0004 is debian while I have no debian!!! and I want to delete this option.


Have a read through that thread; there are plenty of others on the forum too.

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Thank you. I removed debian from my bootloader. Now I go to fix manjaro boot.

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