Editing a .desktop file to include an environment variable doesn't seem to do anything on Gnome

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On KDE, whenever I decided to try using Wayland for a few days, I could edit a firefox-nightly.desktop file to read Exec=env GDK_BACKEND=wayland /opt/firefox-nightly/firefox %u and it would work properly. Firefox would use it's native Wayland backend, kwin glitches and all.

This simply doesn't work with Gnome. To begin with, Gnome seems to completely ignore the ~/.local/share/applications folder. I had to manually move any custom .desktop files I had into /usr/share/applications which is a terrible idea but dammit I want this to work.

I checked with menulibre and the Firefox Nightly menu entry definitely has the proper Exec line. Just in case I ran the env variable and the command in a terminal and Firefox launched with the wayland backend like it's supposed to. But every time I launch Firefox via Gnome, X11 backend.

I hope I'm just being an idiot somewhere and my system isn't borked somehow.

For that you either add in your .zprofile this line:
Or you add it in /etc/environment or in etc/profile.d/mozilla-common.sh

Yeah, I ended up adding MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 into my /etc/environment file. It doesn't fix the original two problems, but it's a workaround :man_shrugging:

Please show content and permissions, owner of your desktop file

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