Element (former Riot)


New version of Riot client went out, called Element.
Debian already got it on Snap, and there is one on Arch package repository (not AUR), will there soon be a package for Manjaro repository?


It is already in unstable testing.


It will make its way to stable through the normal process.

There is also a flatpak available.


I hope that picture is older..... cause we have it allready on testing afaik in version 1.7.1-3

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Looks like I forgot to refresh the page before running the search. Fixed now :smile:


Wait, I'm not in the flow right now :smiley:
I'm searching via pamac, refreshed mirrors and databases, and still can't see it, neither via pamac nor pacman or yay. I might still be a newbie but I truly don't see it either here or on https://discover.manjaro.org unless it's a flatpak

As previously said. It is on the testing branch right now.... should be on the stable branch (that you are probably on) in due time.

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Sorry, my bad. I'm low on sleep :sweat_smile: Thank you for the information!

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