Elogind and Kernel 4.4.* (and Via)

Yesterday's replacement of Consolekit by elogind works fine in kernel 4.9.* but not in kernel 4.4.*, as it hangs for about 15 seconds at "starting dbus."

Unfortunately, kernel 4.4.* is the last kernel that works with Xwindows on the (admittedly dreadful) Via VX800 chipset.

Suggestions beyond "learn to live with the boot delay"?

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Last time I tried Manjaro on my Via VX800 machine IIRC it was indeed true that 4.4.* was the highest series that worked. But on antiX 4.10.* series worked.

Since it is not sure how it will go on with 32bit machines and Arch, antiX is my way to go with 32bit hardware.

Derp: meant to type VX700.

Yes, the latest beta antiX works very well with 4.10.5, I believe.

Curious phenomenon: if I leave the antiX usb key plugged in, the delay is completely eliminated on Manjaro boot.

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