Empty Trash can broken

The Trash icon on the panel won't allow Empty Trash it fails with a "Execution of gvfs-trash failed" message. A trash can on the desktop works and if you select open Trash from the panel icon this works as well.

Details when seeking assistance.

It might be helpful if you included some additional information about your problem. For example, which Community Edition you are using. While it may be listed in the "tag" for your post, it is a good idea to mention it in the post itself. I have linked a post that gives a list of information that is a good idea to include in your initial post when you ask for help.

Cinnamon, testing branch.

Probably you can fix it by running sudo pacman -S cinnamon

No change in the error message, don't think" gvfs-trash" is used any more?
@oberon Fixed in Cinnamon 4.0

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