Encrypted /home inaccessible with systemd 241

I've been using the testing branch for XFCE for quite a while now. Yesterday, I updated and upon reboot my system was completely borked. All kinds of dependency fails and I had to startx to get into the system. The desktop (or just everything) was completely different. The desktop appeared as if I was booting from a live usb and there was nothing in home. It "appears" as a new install, but obviously it can't be because I rebooted with another manjaro on a separate HD and looked into /home on my main system and everything is there.
Now the other day I installed timeshift on my second manjaro on a separate HD so I guess I can try that but I would like to know what happened and what I might could do (just in case timeshift doesn't go well).

Do you happen to have an encrypted home? We are just discussing issues with encrypted home partition on the announcement thread for this update: [Testing Update] 2019-02-14 - Kernels, Systemd, Browsers, Calamares, Firmware, Plasma5, KDE Framework

Yes, home is encrypted.

Bingo! :frowning_face:

In this case it would be great if you could take part on the thread I linked to.

Yeah, I'm checking it out now. Hopefully there is a answer.

It has been reported to upstream and flagged as "Bug" and added to milestone for v242. So they kind of aknowledge that something went wrong in systemd itself.

The only thing you can do for now is keep the older systemd for now and wait for further information in the announcements.

There a new systemd package (241.71-1), but in my experience in a VM, it didn't fix the issue with encrypted /home unfortunately. Most likely philm will just downgrade systemd in the repos soon anyway.

If it isn't too late and want to try again, could you update your system with current Testing to see if your system now boots correctly with the newest systemd packages? It might be solved with systemd 241.77-1.

Your report would be valuable.

I've updated the title to make it more specific and less directional.

Thanks Frog I went ahead and reinstalled with stable WITHOUT encrypting /home this time but I do appreciate the effort made. Someone hinted that if I didn't understand encryption then I shouldn't use it although I don't know what that had to do with a ■■■■■■ up update that I had nothing to do with.

Nothing, but the fact you found an issue means your testing provided valuable input.

This is why we need people to run on the testing and unstable branches.

If you don't want to help test but want a "stable" system then stick to stable.


@jonathon I agree. I didn't understand what that comment had to do with me asking for help. That would be the same as saying since I don't code then I shouldn't use a computer.
And I will switch back to testing when this thing is definitively resolved. I've always backuped my stuff and manjaro is generally fast to reinstall so that is why it isn't THAT big a deal for me. If, by chance, the answer to the problem was a matter of some command line thing or something fast, I wouldn't even be here complaining.
But to say I shouldn't encrypt my HD because I'm not an expert on encrypting, is somehow pointing the finger at me as if it was my fault because some update screwed up my os.
Anyway, I can't truly complain about the manjaro forum because I've always found it helpful and courteous .

I've read through three threads and can't actually find where that was said. Feel free to PM me a link so I can have a look.

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