Endless boot loops

So I'm trapped in this consistent loop and I don't know how to get out of it. Any advice? I'm using Manjaro, by the way. Either option just leads back to "Welcome to Grub" and the cycle continues.

P.S. I'm a complete noob in regards to Linux (and most computer basics in general).

OK, firstly:

  • Which desktop environment & which desktop manager.

  • Do you have the install media to hand?

  • Machine specs.

Firstly boot off the live media. Chroot into the install:


When in chroot:

sudo pacman -Syyuu

To ensure all updates are completed.

If you are using sddm as your dm install lightdm and swap to it (or vice-versa):

sudo pacman -S <DM-name>
# enable
sudo systemctl enable dm-name -f

Install a backup desktop environment:

sudo pacman -S lxde

Always make sure you exit a chroot cleanly:


Reboot - has this helped? Report any errors here.

I appreciate the help, but you'll have to dumb it down for me. I don't know how to even get out of the loop to get any sort of command started.
Do you mean do I have any sort of physical disc to install anything? No.

All I can do so far is ctrl+alt+delete or esc to get to Aptio Setup Utility. What else can I do?

You should burn a Linux ISO into a usb/cd and then boot from it to chroot, in this way you can access the system and repair it if needed

Start at the top of my post answer the questions, then boot of your install media, follow the instruction linked to.

Ask questions if you get stuck. But all the info is there. I am up and around for a few hours (till the pain killers work :wink: ) then I will be going to bed again. 0645 here.

Is this afresh installation?
Have you ever booted successfully?
Did this happen after an update or what have you changed in your system before this happen?
Boot to TTY editing grub menu entry. Read how

This is after an update. I've had this OS for years.

There is no install media. Someone tech-oriented just switched my laptop to Manjaro one day.
I don't about these machine specs, chroots, or what TTY is.

Do you have another computer where you could make yourself live Manjaro USB/DVD? You do need one just for examples like this. If not, do you have someone, friend, neighbor to make one for you?

Desktop environment? Chroot?
I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are telling me. Treat me as if I have never used a computer before.
What keys do I push to even be able to start typing in anything?

Unfortunately, no to all those.

I'm just going to bring it into a shop and get Windows or something. Thanks, though.

Looks like your system is in some kind of trouble. For cases like this, you need Manjaro iso that is downloaded and burned on USB or DVD. The same one you (or someone else) would need when installing system onto your computer. Things can go bad and this is the most important tool to help yourself.

If there is anything else you can do at this point, is beyond my knowledge (beginner here too)

Whatever they put on, Manjaro, Mint, MX, Ubuntu, you need to understand that things at some point may go wrong and you need original install media. Well you can always make one yourself when computer is working.

If you get a windows, I don't know what is in use these days, if something goes wrong. Make sure, whoever set it up for you, to show you as option, what you can do to restore your system.

In Linux world, there are many options, but you need to learn one yourself.

This is all written in the tutorial I posted, but you need to read it, it's in English.

I don't think your link to that tutorial can help in this case

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Yes, and it's all very interesting and whatnot, but without any discs, flashdrives, or an apparent way to even access the terminal, it doesn't seem to be all too helpful.

Booting to TTY does not require any media, just good will.. :smiley:

But in his case kernel is not even being loaded so (if I understand correctly) he can't switch to TTY correct? Being in TTY means kernel is loaded, but without GUI, right?

Correct, although in OT we cannot know if the reboot/grub redirection is done from an error in kernel or after Systemd is in charge, or DM. Anyway, there is no harm to eliminate some possibilities, and if it's the kernel, he can only chroot.

That's one way to start using Linux. I think your best bet right now would be to get this person to help you, if possible.

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That must be a super old installation, given that it runs on kernel 3.16... at least it runs one of the latest versions, 3.16.59 (released Oct. 3rd), so the laptop must have been in use recently.

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