Endless scrolling text and numbers at shutdown, look familiar?

Hello, past few shutdowns I have had endless scrolling of text and numbers. First couple of times I held down power button, just now I let it run for 45 minutes, no end in sight. Do these pics look familiar? It is scrolling by too fast to read, I was able to catch that the numbers were changing.

xfce DE, 2 things out of the ordinary: one, several other computers showed update available for the March 14 stable, this one did not, "nothing to do" even after loading all mirrors.
two, only because it seemed to coincide, I temporarily booted to another Manjaro through a usb drive. Not sure but I think this may have started next time I shut down OS on primary drive.

Something tells me I should keep my data backed up. The good news is that I'm in the process of migrating to both a different DE [KDE] and also a newer more powerful laptop. So, a fresh install will be involved, transferring only data and browser profiles. This xfce install is my most ancient of oldies.

Not quite sure if this is a help request or a confession of some sorts. :slight_smile:
Maybe if you share some more information ...

well, that's all I have, thanks for the response. I am experimenting with different drives and setups prepping for change of computer and DE, and seeing what will boot. It's not apparent by the pics but what is shown is scrolling endlessly, very fast, with the numbers changing. This is after "shut down" has been clicked, that's why I took a picture. I suppose there is a log available of what happens after shut down? I will do a search. I've seen scrollings before after shut down, but they're usually different colored text like in a terminal and they always eventually end and shut down. This seems like it could go on forever.

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Ok then, clearly a confession :smiley:

heh, I don't understand... a confession of what? :slight_smile: the scrolling went on for 45 minutes then I shut it off by holding down the power button, never seen anything like that. It's happened for 3 shut downs. The usb drive booted normally to Manjaro, and like I said the only other anomaly is that this machine is not showing the March 14 update. Can't see how any of that would be related to the scrolling at shutdown but it's the only thing that's different. Never did this before.

No worries, i'll explain.
Confession = share the simptom of an unknown cause, express your thoughts about it and what plans you have ... You just did that.
That is different from a:
Help request = provide the information the way was explained in the link above.

These "endless scrolling text and numbers" are kernel messages with their timestamps.
They don't go on forever, it stops when the computer is shut down.

Can this this thread now be closed?

It is a core dump, something is very wrong, but 99.99999% of people can't read or understand them. I fall into that category :rofl:

I am clicking "shut down", the computer appears to shut down, then when you'd expect the screen to go completely blank and the power light fade away it comes back to life and the scrolling starts. Sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

First couple of times I held down the power button after a couple of minutes, last time I let it run for 45 minutes then did same.

So yes, they stop when the computer is shut down, but only by holding down the power button. Perhaps I should just let it run [hours if need be] and see if it shuts down?

OK, excellent, thanks for the response. "core dump"... I am going to back up my data, fortunately like I said I am leaving this system. But, it is my primary, so hopefully it can hold together for a bit.

Doesn't make too much sense since you are getting new hardware. Best you do a fresh install though.
You can execute "coredumpctl list" in case you want to know which executable caused the dump btw

Yes, I hesitated starting this thread as I am moving on but was curious as to what was happening, what the phenomenon was called in case I ever run across it again I would know where to start from.

Excellent, thanks!

I am familiar with that link you posted. My title should have been: Endless scrolling after shut down unless holding down power button, what is this called? [or what is happening]. Meaning, one cannot post terminal outputs if you don't know what it is you're looking for.

Apparently it is a "core dump". I searched various scroll/shut down words before posting, couldn't find anything resembling my symptoms so thought I'd give it a go. Now maybe other people with the same symptoms who find this will know to search core dump.

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