Enter the password and then black screen

After I enter the password the screen turn black.At first I thought used a wrong driver,so I tried tty.But it doesn't work. Here is the massage:QQ%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%8720180716155620
It's a laptop computer.Intel and GTX1050.
Thanks guys!

If you were monkeying with your bluetooth drivers try disabling bluetooth in your bios.


Provide some hardware info, please.

Especially the point about wgetpaste is important because it allows you to upload terminal output to a pastebin service.

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Which outputs would you prefer Eugen. Sorry I got switched from another thread when I replied. I hate when that happens.

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All of them! :alien:

(Preferably @FuzeLoveHostage will find you himself or herself what is wrong after reading the output of the commands.)

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Sorry,I'm new here.I will remember that.And thanks for your help.

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