Entirely new to Manjaro.Issue regarding shared partition locked in MANJARO.

I have a partition between Win OS and MANJARO so that the shared memory can be accessed from both the OS.
But sometimes the folder containing shared memory's contents are locked(key-ring lockedissue ).
Can someone help me out as to how manually unlock it, when it happens..as I cannot paste any files/folders when it is Locked.

Can we see the output of the command mount so we can see how it is mounted?

If it is an ntfs partition. The most common cause is failing to disable "fast startup" in Windows.

Yes it is an ntfs partition.
How to fix the "failing to disable 'fast startup' " issue?
Sorry i was very new to partitioning as well as Manjaro

It is a setting in Windows you need to disable.

The reason you need to disable it is because otherwise when you shutdown windows enters a hybrid mode where is partially hibernates and leaves the disks marked as dirty. When Linux sees the disks marked as dirty it mounts them read only.

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I will give it a try.
Just one more newbie question...
How come sometimes the shared partition is unlocked and can be accesed while other times it is Read-only...shouldn't it be locked everytime I shutdown windows??
And is there a manual way to unlock my partition from Manjaro itself, without turning off the Fast Startup in Windows??

It probably depends on the exact state of Windows and what it decided to do during the shutdown.

You can run ntfsfix and try to reset the flags on the partition but it really isn't a good idea.

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Better I will give turning Fast Startup off a try..

My issue is resolved..Thanks a lott!!

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