Epson ET-3700 Scanning

I have a bit of a problem with my Epson ET-3700 printer when trying to scan. It was working fine a couple of months ago, then I tried today and couldn't get Xsan, Simple Scan or Skanlite to find it. They all reported no scanner. I have the printer on the network, not connected via USB.
However, when I run utsushi, which is Epson's rather primitive scanning gui, it finds the scanner and I am good to go. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can start looking for a solution? As I say, it was working fine up until a couple of months ago, and nothing has changed on my system either hardware or software- wise apart from the regular Manjaro updates. I would really like to get Simple Scan working again as this was the app that I used the most.
I originally installed the scanning support by following the instructions in the Arch wiki here:

Can anyone help?

Have a look here

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