Epson l3050 scanner

I installed the epson-inkjet-printer-escprpackage from the AUR and the printer successfully prints but I can't get the scanner to function.

Installed the following scanner drivers from AUR:


Also installed from Repos:


Just yesterday - for a client - I installed Epson WF 3520 (USB) on Manjaro - never touched such MFD before. Installed the printer driver, system-config-printer and image scan - to my surprise - plug'n'play.

As you are installing the network related stuff - my first thought is - do you know the device IP and can you print using network?

That is a different printer the L3050-L3150 all in ones are not supported yet for Linux I just bought the later. I use the drivers for my old printer L350 they work fine, The scanner does not work with Epsons imagesan but does work well with Skanlite and simple scan so the choice of QT and GTK software.

Yes I can currently print using my local network.

Skanlite didn't work for me but now I'm uninstalling imagescan, imagescan-plugin-networkscan, iscan-plugin-network All of them except imagescan was from the AUR.

The scanner plugins need updating for the epson scanner its a shame as the Epson scanner software is really good the same as on my Mac. My last Epson was not supported by Mac as it was for Latin America.

Got it working.
Only have the epson printer driver installed from Aur and skanlite.

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